Emulator is a software, called for running a system on another system So you can run Mac OS, Linux, even a separate Windows on Windows. Of course not only limited to PC operating systems. For example, PalmOS emulators, Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) emulators, even Game Boy emulators are available. Emulators allow you to run PalmOS on the PalmOS with the GameBoy on the market and PalmOS on Windows Mobile.

An emulator is software that imitates an emulation in any computer environment or in any other computer environment.

We set up the Emulator Desk to review all the emulators on the market and share information.

Emulator Desk reviews all the emulators in the market, gives you information about what features they have and gives you an idea of where you can download them.

You can find information about all emulators on our site.