Brave Browser: More than a Browser

Brendan Eich, the founder of the Mozilla Foundation and the developer of JavaScript, is launching a new web browser he has been working on for a long time. Brave Browser is a project of The Basic Attention Token (BAT), trying to change the Internet. Although it has entered the market after other browsers, it is a revolution in terms of scanner with its innovations. Brave Browser, which has received positive ratings from many users because of its fast and secure structure. It brings a number of innovations to internet advertisements. You need to add many extensions when using Chrome to get the best experience. Brave brings these features to itself. Here are a few reasons to use Brave Browser.

Self-Blocking Ads
All other browsers typically load ads served by an ad network by default. Even if you’re using ad blocker extensions, some ads will still appear. However, Brave blocks all these ads by default. This feature prevents ad networks from tracking you. The default ad blocker also protects your device against malware.
Brave replaces potentially harmful ads with ads on your network. Brave does not make any monitoring because it does not exchange any information with third parties. You can earn revenue by opening Brave ads if you like, which is entirely up to you. No tracking is possible because the browsing data of users who opt in to the Brave ad network is stored locally in that user’s own browser.
You Make Revenue as You Use Brave
It was a dream Making money by browsing the internet. Brave Browser is making this dream come true. As you view ads on the Brave ads network, you earn Basic Attention Token (BAT). At this point we have to say that this is an option. If you want, you can enjoy the ad-free internet by blocking ads, or you can turn on the advertising feature and generate revenue without giving your personal data to anyone else, thanks to the information stored locally in your browser. According to Brave CEO Brendan Eich, users can earn up to $ 70 in 2019 if they choose to display ads through the browser. You can sell BAT tokens at any time later.
You Can Provide Support to Your Favorite Content on Internet
Creators and publishers depend on ads to support their work. So how does your favorite publisher make money with Brave’s ad blocking? At Brave’s business model, the Brave Payment feature comes into play. This is a system that allows you to donate to the creators of your choice. As a user, you can upload BAT to your BAT wallet and allocate a percentage to donate to different websites. Rate your Brave Payment donation based on how much time you spend on which websites you spend browsing. You can also change this feature and help only the sites you want.
During this process, Brave keeps all your browsing history private. Your support is sent to the site owners via the anonymous ledger system. You can never be identified based on the sites you visit and support. You can load your wallet using crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This system is ideal for users who don’t want to display ads but want to support their favorite websites.
You Save Mobile Data
Ads consume a large portion of your mobile data. According to Enders Analysis’s report, 79% of the mobile data spents to ads. According to Brave, a user loses around $ 276 a year on mobile data because of unwanted ads. The Brave Browser saves data because all ads are blocked by default.

Provides Privacy

Brave increases privacy by blocking potentially harmful and anti-privacy ads by default. On the other hand, this browser has some additional features to provide you with a private browsing session. Built-in HTTPS Everywhere lets you use it in privacy whenever possible. Brave has fingerprinting protection. This feature can be enabled from the settings tab, not by default. This feature prevents your browser from creating a unique fingerprint that can be tracked in different online sessions. In addition, Brave servers do not save your scan data. All data remains on your device, and you can delete it completely if you want to delete it. Brave has also integrated its systems into the Tor network to provide Windows with an advanced custom scan mode, known as Tor’s Custom Windows.

Allows you to browse the internet quickly

Brave Browser is remarkably fast compared to popular browsers. It is claimed to be at least twice as fast on both mobile and desktop. The browser’s privacy and security shields prevent your browser from accessing malicious content. The default ad blocker prevents you from downloading unnecessary data before a web page is accessed, giving you a faster experience. On each page you visit, you’ll typically save about five seconds per load time. In addition, Brave’s rendering speeds are not much different from common browsers such as Chrome and Mozilla.

Supports Crypto Currency

Brave is the only browser that supports crypto currencies with no restrictions. Common browsers are cautious about crypto-currency integration. Brave has an internal BAT wallet where users who choose to view ads receive payments. The wallet can be used to buy and sell crypto currencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum.

Crypto currencies are not accepted in the mainstream, and the Brave Browser contributes to this goal. BAT’s partnership with Uphold allows you to easily convert your money into your preferred crypto currency.

How to Install Brave Browser

You can download the Brave Browser from the link.

When you download and install the browser, register from this link.

You need an uphold wallet to withdraw the money you earn. Bat Tokan (Basic Attention Token) draws your winnings to the Uphold Wallet. Sign up at and verify your account.

When you win an award, you will receive a warning on the top right of the brave browser and distribute incoming rewards as a tip to sites you like.

As a content builder, you can add your sites, Youtube channels, Twitter addresses to Brave Browser to make money from Brave Browser. You can make money from your content with donations. is also added and Brave Aproved. If you install and use Brave Browser You can see a tick in browser tab.

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