PPSSPP is Free PSP Emulator for Windows PC

PPSSPP is the ‘PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitcase‘. It’s a kind of PSP emulator popular used to play on PSP games on your desktop, so even if you do not have a surface In the handheld game console, you can play lots and PlayStation Portable.

This free PSP emulator will play more than 800 games. You just want to load PSP games for ROMs and game themes on all HD. Many file types are supported by this emulator: * .cso, * .iso, * .prx, * .elf, etc.

Key features of this Free PSP Emulator:

There are many things available in this PSP emulator, such as:

Feature to improve ‘Graphics’ that can help play well.

‘Managing Mapping’ feature is the issue of lights or lights in game.

With most System you can adjust the emulator to play the game uninterruptedly. For example, you can support the choice, change the PSP time CPU, select the PSP model (1000 or 2000/3000), and more.

Customize settings

You capture screenshots while playing game and it should save them on PC as JPG or PNG pictures. Use ‘F12’ for hotkey to capture screenshots.

You can save like a bus.

The emulator is also available for Android and other devices.

Free No PSP Emulator for PlayStation Portable Games on Windows PC?

Grab the link on the page of this emulator available at the end of the test and download it for free version. It comes from the archive. Simply delete the files and submit the application.

When you change the software for the first time, you will find the option to browse the web with the game ROM. Otherwise, you can see the location and Load … the state of the choice. This option will take effect after you start playing the game.

After adding the game ROM, you can perform the game in full or adjust the size of it as you want.

Uses permission to adjust the size. You can use this handbook to understand Management, Rendering, Resolution, and more. By tweaking the option, you will find the source of the interest in the game. However, if you do not know much about the choice, then life does not deserve it.

When you want to save the performance, you can access the Products, and select the system to save the game. After that, you can release your game to restart the game at the same location.


There are many other PSP emulators available on the web site. However, this is a software that works well and carries out the PSP game very well when I try. I will recommend the PSP emulator for you.


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