Download and Running Apps with Jdosbox Dos Emulator

jDosbox is a free Java based DOS emulator for Linux, Windows and Mac that you can use to play DOS games and also run DOS applications all you have to do. Some still follow these, because of their feelings or because they are still in their way. With this free DOS emulator you can use it again and enjoy all of your old DOS applications.

This is a portable DOS emulator, you just need to click on the JAR file which you download so you can access the screen.

In addition to desktop photos, jDosbox can be used in a web browser. Because this is Java which we are talking about, use plugin Java plugin to get the same interface you want in the desktop. At the jDosbox website you can play games. Key features of this free DOS emulator are:

  • Free and portable – no need for installation – then, click, run
  • Cross the platform – works on all major platforms – Linux, Windows, Mac
  • Allows you to create DOS functionality and run apps
  • Support for sound – happy voice when playing video games
  • Graphics – comes with graphics card graphics so you can play games
  • Operating system emulation – the killing of OS emulation
  • Easy to use and setup – data contained in DOS

DOS applications are not the same thing that is supported by this free emulator. As we mentioned above, small companies such as ReactOS and Damn Small Linux can work, they can be used online, after play, such as testing. Work is supported by sponsorship. Here are some pointers to help you get started.

How to run DOS game and applications with jDosbox – Free Java based platform DOS emulator

First of all you have to do is make sure you get the DOS application and playback on your computer and mount and join them in jDosbox.

When you do so, you just want to start the application immediately, in jDosbox and Access. If any improvement occurs, you must see these rules, such as the above and the last day of the deadline.

Config for detailed information on the application jDosbox can be seen in the same book from where you started. You can adjust image, sound and other important settings.


jDosbox is an easy emulators that we work with. Everything worked out of the box, we just got hit in the command and start of the game, with voice and photos, for DOS games. You can use online demos, try this DOS emulator free without installing anything, you only need Java. Free Download.


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