How To Run iOS Apps On PC

Apparently, there is no possible way to run iOS apps on a Windows PC or computer. You will need iOS on the PC. We are going to list some of the best iOS emulators you can use to run iOS app on PC.

1. Smartface

This is one of the best and the most useful iOS simulators for windows. Smartface provides a great support when it comes to running iOS apps on your computer and PC. This is a perfect platform for the people who want to develop iOS app on their PC and computer. For gamers, it may not be an ideal option. You will get all the best features, support and it also works as an iOS and android debugger.

2. iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator works perfect when you run it on PC and computers. Both the gamers as well as developers can use this emulator and it offers great features for both. You will get a lot of amazing games, can use it for creating iOS apps and other productivity tasks. However, you will not be able to access the App Store. The UI of the emulator is just like the original iOS but UX is somehow different. You should try this one and enjoy the best iOS experience on computers and PC.

3. iPadian

iPadian has been really popular for a long time. It has served thousands of users who wanted to use iOS apps on their computers. With simple and easy to use interface, the emulator makes a perfect choice for windows. You will get all the essential features and support.

4. AIR iPhone

It is one of the popular and widely used stimulators when it comes to using iOS apps on Window computers and PC. You will find a very nice and attractive interface of the app. Downloading and installation is pretty ease and you will only follow the steps to set up and use it. It offers almost all the iOS features and apps you may need. For developers and gamers, this is a great choice to make their life and work simple and easy. Moreover, the emulator is totally free so you can enjoy all the features.

5. Remoted iOS Simulator

You will find this emulator very exciting and interesting. It offers a number of good features that can make your iOS experience on computer fun. Gestures, shaking and all the features are supported in this emulator. For development works and creating iOS app, this can be a useful platform for the people who can’t afford a Mac. The support is great and everything is just perfect.


6. MobiOne Studio

This emulator can make your work really simple and easy on PC. This allows you to run and use almost all the iOS apps you will need. Download and install the app and start using the best features. It is popular among the users for all the best reasons and comes packed with a bundle of useful features. The interface is user-friendly and makes things simple for the new people.

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