Playing Xbox360 Games on Pc – Xenia

Xenia is a emulator designed for making playing xbox360 games on pc possible. If you want to experience this emulator, you can download from xenia. We will talk about; system requirements, does Xenia run on linux or OSX, getting started, Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 Configuration, Where’s the sln/vcproj? and games.

First point you need to know about this emulator. Windows 8 or later. Intel Sandy Bridge or Haswell processor (supporting AVX or AVX2). A Vulkan compatible GPU (NVIDIA preferred). An XInput-compatible controller.

The second point we will talk about xenia is does Xenia run on linux or OSX? The project is designed to support non-Windows platforms but until it’s running games it’s not worth the maintenance burden. OSX will likely remain unsupported until Apple supports Vulkan. There’s only a few major pieces that need cleanup before a Linux port can proceed in earnest, listed with the cross-platform tag.

Most of the code compiles with the latest Clang, and very few files have dependencies on Windows APIs (all of that is isolated to files). Though the codebase is ready for the port, it’s not a trivial task and anyone seeking to port it will need a deep understanding of Linux, X11, Vulkan, and Win32 (to ensure matching semantics). You should port it to Linux, then tons of developers will contribute! No, they won’t, and that’s not how things work. (I’m seriously told this once a week…) Think of it this way: the most important kind of contributor in this phase of the project is one who is capable of performing the porting work. If someone has this capability and feels so strongly about Linux support then they would be contributing to the porting efforts already. But otherwise they are nothing more than hypothetical members of our collective dreams.

Next 3 steps are getting started, Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 Configuration, Where’s the sln/vcproj? Firstly getting started: Have Windows 8 or later with Python 2.7 and Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 and the Windows SDKs installed:

> git clone –recursive

> xb setup

> xb devenv

That’s mostly it. Run the xenia-app project. For debugging setup instructions see the github docs.

When pulling new code use either xb pull to fetch the latest changes to both the main repository and all submodules as well as run premake, or else be sure to do those things yourself.

Secondly Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 Configuration: Xenia works with the free community edition of Visual Studio. When installing you must make sure to check the Visual C++ tools and the Windows SDKs.

Third is Where’s the sln/vcproj? The xb script generates them under build/ on many operations, but they can also be generated with xb premake. The premake5.lua files in the tree are the source of truth for project configuration and changes made through Visual Studio will be overridden the next time premake is ran. Make sure to add any new files to the premake files and re-generate things to stay in sync.

Last of all we will list the games you can play with this emulator:

Lego Indiana Jones 2, Viva Piñata, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,NeverDead, Just, Dance 2011, Ace Combat 6, Fable 2 , Halo 3: ODST, DoDonPachi, SaiDaiOuJou, Espgaluda II Black Label,Akai Katana, Halo: Reach, Halo 3, Dead Rising , Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Phantom Breaker (JP), Internet Explorer, Dead Rising 2, Red Dead Redemption GOTY Edition, Alarm für Cobra 11: Crash Time III, Top Spin 2 , Tenchu Z, Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X 2, Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, Ninja Gaiden II, Saints Row, Gears of War 3, SpongeBob: Truth-Sq, Sonic the Hedgehog, Left 4 Dead.


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