How To Run iPhone And iPad Apps On Mac?

Is it Even Possible?

iPhone and iPad use a different software called iOS while Mac uses MacOS. Both the platforms have different app libraries and an iPhone app will not work or run on Mac. However, you can search the App Store on your mac for alternatives. If you find some cool options, you should try those. Otherwise, you will need an emulator or simulator to use iPhone and iPad apps on your Mac.

Best Emulators for Using iOS Apps on Mac

Following are some emulators to run iOS apps on Mac.


This is one of the most popular and recommend emulators when it comes to using iPhone apps on your Mac. The emulator supports both Windows as well as Mac so you can enjoy iPhone apps on both platforms. It offers a good number of features, a nice interface, navigation features and multiple options to customize the emulator. If you were worried about playing iPhone games or apps on your Mac, this is going to solve your problem.

2. iPadian

How to Set Up and Use iPadian.

As the name shows, the emulator allows you to run and use iPad and iPhone apps on your Mac. The emulator is really easy to use and configure with the computer. You will download and install it and it has no issues like bugs or slowing down your Mac. It also supports Windows and Linux so you have a emulator that works across all platforms and operating systems.

Everything You Need To Know About iPadian


Here comes another iOS for your Mac. If you have been wondering how to use iPhone apps or play iOS games your Mac, this emulator is going to fix this problem for you. It is one of the best rated and popular emulators in the market nowadays. It has a simple but attractive interface. Downloading and installation is pretty easy and you will set it up without any problems. Try this emulator and enjoy the best iOS app on your Mac.

4. Xamarin TestFlight

This iPhone and iPad emulator for Mac is a nice option when it comes to using iPhone apps on your Mac. The emulator supports Windows and Mac so you can use it on any platform. However, it is not free and is owned by Apple. You may also see some complexities while installing the emulator. But the performance is just great and this is the reason Apple acquired the app. You will have a wonderful experience with this emulator.

Visual Studio Android Emulator – Xamarin

5. Responsinator

This is one of the oldest iOS emulators for Mac users. The people who have been using this emulator has revealed it is really great when it comes to using iOS apps on your Mac. It is best considered for development, creating apps and for the developers. The app allows so many customization options and comes with a good number of features. With this emulator, you will see your work will be made very easy. It is free and you can download and install it to see how amazing it is for iOS app.

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