How Do I Install An Android Emulator?

We have created this guide to help the developers and games who want to install emulators on their PCs and laptops. Follow the steps given below to install the player without any issues. If you make a mistake, there can be errors or problems while installing. We hope this guide will solve a lot of problems of the users.

How to Install?

  • You will need a safe browser to download and install the emulators
  • Go to and then to SDK
  • Here you will see different options to download the android emulators
  • There will android, Mac and Linux versions of the emulator. But you have to choose the first, android emulator
  • Click the file and it will download. Save the file to your desktop so that you can find it easily without wasting much time
  • Once the file has been downloaded, open it and here you will have multiple files.
  • Go to SDK Manager file in the folder
  • Double click it and it will ask you to run the program. Run it
  • This will bring you to a new window where the data fetching is shown
  • The window will show a lot of files. Choose the file depending on which window version you have installed on your computer
  • Once it has been installed, go to ADB Manager and run it
  • When you will run it, a new window will open. Here you will see many options to provide information
  • Go to NEW and provide a name for the file. Then refresh it
  • Then click start option on the same window. It will open another small window. There will an option to launch the emulator. Click it and it will start
  • You have successfully installed the android emulator on your PC

How to Choose an Android Emulator?

There are dozens of really good emulators available online. Many people wonder about if they are legal or not. The emulators are legal in most parts of the world and many countries. As compared to emulators, ROMs are not legal. This is because they violate the copyrights and anyone doing so might face problems.
Choosing an emulator is a serious problem for many users and gamers. Emulators have different methods to install. Some are really good for gamers while others are development specific. However, it all depend on the user that what kind of an emulator they need.

Moreover, make sure you choose the right emulator for your work. There are different versions of a single emulator like for Windows, Mac and Linux. Your emulator will only install and work when you will choose the right version. Here we have discussed the process for Windows so you should choose a Window version of the emulator.
BlueStacks, MeMu, Bliss, Droid4X, Genymotion, Ko Player and many other emulators are really good. But BlueStacks is the best of all these and widely used by the gamers and developers. Most of these are free. But some are paid that require payments. If you can afford, you should purchase a paid one otherwise use the free emulators.

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