How to play PS2 games on PC with emulator

Do you want to play PS2 games on your PC? Here’s a step by step reading word with PS2 word on your PC.


Before you create a new form, you can do what you want. This model is fast PS2.

Download the setup file for your PS2 emulator. Save it to PS2 soon.


Download the file running your PS2 emulator. Save it to PS2 soon and extract it.


Click on PCSX2_0.9.6_setup application and follow improvements.

Go to the site where you installed PCSX2_0.9.6_setup application, in my model it C: \ Program Files \ Pcsx2 \

Enter Pcsx2 fast to PS2 soon.

Open the Pcsx2 folder and click on pspcsx2 0.9.6 application.


After the pspcsx2 0.9.6 please open the bottom window, click on the arrow.

Click on Configure in Graphics.

And depending on how you choose the computer is good.


Click on Configure in Original.

Select the push button 1 and click on the button to change the control of your emulator. After you complete the package please.


Press Release Bios Directory.

Select the file \ PS2 \ Manufacturing \ bios and click on them.


Click on Config and go speed Hacks

Left left “X2 Circle” and right

first “INTC Sync Hack” and the second choice “Enable IOP x2 Cycle Rate”

In Select “Escape Hack – Use Esc Key to PCSX2”.

You’re PS2 already set so we can download some PS2 games.


Let’s go back to the PS2 folder and create a new title.

Go to the site where you will need to download PS2 games. Try this website Download your game play and extract it into the folder.


Go back to PS2 emulator. Click on Config -> Configure

According to CDVD Rom click on Linuz Iso CDVD 0.8.0

Click on Configure and select ISO files, you downloaded PS2 Games.


Press Edition -> Run CD / DVD

After you can play PS2 games on your PC.

If playstation2 emulator does not work after you have carefully monitored all the steps in this post, your problem may be because of your computer. Make sure your drivers are there daily. You need a card better than a card. Do not let the same role of computer emulation on playstation 2, which is the content you want from the console. The study is for educational purposes only. I have no relationship with sony playstation 2 or other information about issues related to sony.

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