Top 6 iOS Emulators in 2019

Here are some of the best iOS emulators you can use in 2019.

1. Cydia Emulator

This has been reported as the best and finest iOS emulator for PC and computers. If you want to use iOS app but don’t have an iPhone or iPad, you can download and install this emulator on your PC. It offers all the iOS apps, best features, great support and doesn’t slow down your PC. It is totally free and you will not see any kind of virus or malware with this emulator. Try it and you will be surprised after using Cyada.


There are a good number of people who think this emulator is far better than many. This is because it is totally free and offers all the best features, apps and support you will need in an iOS emulator. It can be a decent choice for the gamers as well as developers. The interface is user-friendly and really simple. The emulator also allows to synch data, photos and other stuff from your iOS device.

3. iEmu Emulator

If you are not finding a good iOS emulator for your computer, you should try this one. It comes as a free emulator for android as well as PC users. You will experience the best iOS app, graphics and other features. It can make your development work much easier. You can also install all iOS app on your computer with this emulator. For gamers, it is a surprising choice. It is not really heavy like many emulators and has no bug or virus issues at all.

4. MobiOne Studios

If you need an iOS emulator that can work on any device without worrying about the hardware, this is the best one. It works very well on even devices with low specs. The emulator has been discontinued by the developer but still works when you download and install it. However, you will not get any support for this. This is particularly good for the developers as it allows cross-platform development of apps.

5. Appetize Emulator

Many iOS emulators are paid and offer limited features and apps in the free versions. But this emulator is going to offer you all the premium services, features and apps because it all free. It is a bit new but has made a good name in a short time because of great features, unlimited apps, iOS support and all the best things you will need in an iOS emulator. This has been tested and reviewed by many users who have shown satisfaction with Appetize.

6. All in One iOS Emulator

This iOS emulator can be an interesting choice for many android users. It gives the experience of iOS 6. However, it supports Siri, Apple Music and many features that make it quite popular among the users. You should not expect an attractive and nice interface but when it comes to features, it is a pretty decent option. You will get most of the iOS apps, features and support. You can do development works as well as enjoy iOS games with this emulator.

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